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Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5EH 13th-19th August 2022

Tutors: Karl Lutchmayer, Christine Stevenson, Graham Fitch, Ann Martin-Davis and Daniel Hill

These classes are of mixed ability and, ideally, three well-prepared pieces of repertoire are required. Tutors will aim to cover both technical problems and interpretative points which will be of interest to the entire class. There may be the opportunity to accompany a singer.

Each class member will have three half-hour slots in class during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What standard of piano playing do I have to be to join a masterclass?

Anything between post-Diploma and approximately Grade 4.

Do all my pieces have to be at a good standard or can I bring pieces that are “in progress”?

Course members usually find that they get the maximum benefit in class, and the most out of the course, from playing pieces which are securely “under the fingers” and at a good standard.

What are the performance opportunities?

There are student concerts in which course members may perform; for a modest extra charge there are also “Platforms” where a thirty-minute recital can be given.

Can I play any style of music in the masterclass? i.e. jazz, blues etc?

A broad range of music is usually heard; lists of repertoire being played in the class are submitted and circulated a few weeks before the course, so it’s good to choose music which is readily available for other class members to bring and follow if they wish.

Do I have to attend all sessions that are scheduled in the timetable?

You are free to choose sessions that are of interest to you, and to observe other classes.  There are many scheduled breaks during the day.

What should I wear during the week?

Dress is informal; you might like to pack something smart or smart casual to wear for performing in a concert, or for the Gala Dinner.

How far is the accommodation from the music school?

The accommodation houses and music school are near each other.  There is a longer walk on an upwards sloping path to the dining room in Stowe House, where all meals are served. Please get in touch if you need to enquire re mobility issues.

Are there many steps to climb?

The Music School, accommodation houses and Stowe House itself all have lifts. Please inform us if you would like a room on a lower floor.

What amenities are available in the accommodation blocks?

Bed linen, towels and tea/coffee-making facilities are provided.



Our Tutors

Ann Martin-Davis

Ann Martin-Davis

Graham Fitch

Graham Fitch

Christine Stevenson

Christine Stevenson

Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill

Karl Lutchmayer

Karl Lutchmayer